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Re: E-Conference, The PIB & YOU

Chukwudi George Ozalla Thank you so much for the initiative!

Rit Bak I think it was exquisite and excellent! Welldone Victoria Ibezim Ohaeri, Samuel Daminas, Kelechi Deca, Pamela Braid and a host of others! May God keep you all strong and hearty to continue the good fight. Cheers

 Aimusun Eghosa K Good one SFC, keep up the good work. Hope this will make a positive impact in our sector and nation in general......

Ann Ammishaddai Padua You all have done a great job to your country Victoria Ibezim-Ohaeri, Kelechi Deca, Pamela Braide, Samuel Diminas, Peter Esele, Ufi Uzono, Chinedu Chiefsan Akwuobi, Julie A Dee, Chetaala Ilo, Opeyemi Agbaje, @Jer Wem, and all the organizers and participants of these very informative discussion... God bless us all! to God be the glory! good night!and thank you...  

Ayodele Awobona I have indeed learnt alot from this conference & i'm sure our dear Nigeria will be better of at the end. A big kudos to the organizers, the moderators, discussants, panelists & participants. May God bless us all & may God bless/prosper NIGERIA real good...

Pamela Braide: Good job folks. So glad this happened. Victoria Ibezim-Ohaeri big hug sis. and all the discussants plenty Gbosas... now we have to collate and disseminate and hopefully inspire others to scrutinze, have other events and link to their lives... this will go to the NASS... WE WILL BE INVOLVED...

Uche Precious Oweregbulam Oprah Well done folks,well done!!!Vicky,Im so glad to have you as an old time friend and mate.....Im really so proud of you.Thanks Pamela Braide,you have been wonderful.Kelechi Decca,thumbs up.Samuel Diminas,I salute you and all other discussants and participants.....you have made today remarkable and a day to always remember as long as E-media is in existence.Im really grateful to all for the good turn out....this goes a long way to say that we all vehemently need positive changes in all the sectors of our good Nation,Nigeria.We want to see Nigeria transform into an enviable nation.

 Perkins Folorunsho Ojeaga Snr ‎@Victoria! I was remarkably impressed with the style and skills of your moderation. I am delighted and most grateful for your invite. Cheers

Ronado Henry Okoh To the entire human race we need positive change to make a better future. We must embrace and accept change in our heart. In this world positive change, is essential to humanity. Change is a transformation to the nexth level. i luv positive change. Tank'@spaces 4 change.

Rexkennedy Saltlove Victoria Ibezim-Ohaeri whenever I see the key issues you raise and your approach to handling them, am proud to know and identify with you, am encourage to believe the Nigeria project will succeed with your types around no matter how few we are. It takes a little salt to season a concoction of soup ingredients and a spark to cause a wild fire in dry season. KEEP UP THE FIGHT. 
Favour Babatope Afolabi ‎...I have tagged you (many people) here to emulate these sort of initiative; we should be using our "gatherings" to proffer solutions to the challenges facing our Nation than to use such opportunities to lampoon it ceaselessly...
Uche Precious Oweregbulam Oprah  : You have done well.I pray to see a change in our Petroleum Industry via this conference.God bless you.

Ufi Uzono: This e-conference compelled me to download the draft PIB and to peep in it. I intend to study it at length. I'm glad it was informative, educative, interactive as well as intellectually stimulating. Kudos to all our good people at Spaces4Change. Take a bow.

Ugian Elias: Highly educative and horizon-broadening. Getting to share ideas with people from all works of life.


Nyakno J. Ekwere I've been so enriched in just a one day training workshop. Spaces for Change, ife ne me

Tunde Alabi I'm highly honoured to be a participant today. My gains are enormous; I met Vicky the great Lioness in person for the first time, acquired great skills from a seasoned trainer, drank from the fountains of wisdoms of trainers, participants and organisers, made new friends, networked for future opportunities. I became a better person and I'm ready to implement every skills acquired and influence others to become better as well to create a ripple effect in our society. 

Thank you so very much Victoria for such a wonderful opportunity given free of charge. You are a shining light in the vanguard for a positive change in this country and I'm blessed forever to be your friend. God bless you.

Spaces for Change is the new king of Social Media. It is seen as a Space for Change. Hence, people depend on Spaces for Change for the desired change in Nigeria 


Uche Anugwa I must confess that this group called SPACES FOR CHANGE is a fantastic one. Every day I come here, I learn new things and marvel at the intelligence members exude. I am particularly impressed by the way discussions and arguments go on here such that people hardly resort to verbal abuse and personality attacks even when they disagree on the most complicated and controversial of issues. This goes to show that there are still civil and mature people in this country. I also commend the efforts of the Admins towards ensuring that the ethics of this group are upheld. If there was something like Facebook Group Awards, I would nominate this group for the Most Fabulous LOL. Seriously you guys are trying and I encourage you all to keep it up.
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Oby Ezekwesili wrote: "Spaces for Change.S4C work is not fluff. Your work is not esoteric. You guys should stay focused, and keep it up up!" 

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