Thursday, 24 April 2014

NNPC, PHCN: Two Evil Cathedrals


NNPC: They operate an accounting system no financial expert can ever understand… Their personnel collude with oil marketers and subsidy merchants to rape the nation… Who really knows what amount of crude oil Nigeria truly exports in a day and what amount accrues to the nation’s coffer daily?

PHCN: They collude with filling station owners and generator suppliers to keep Nigerians in perpetual darkness… Its personnel slap Nigerians with bills only they know how they were calculated… In place of stable electricity they generate darkness and outrageous bills concocted through voodoo accounting system.

NNPC and PHCN are two of the most evil cathedrals that have ever been erected in Nigeria… The reluctance to bring in transparency in its operations has not helped Nigerians get real value from the operations of the oil behemoth called NNPC… May be, the fact that it is the source of free oil money obtained from areas where their indigenes know nothing but abject poverty and tokenism accounts for the lack of interest to open it up for scrutiny and bring it back to the path of rectitude… After all, like our people will say in pidgin, “wetin dem bring from corner of pot dey go for corner of mouth”.

As for the leviathan called PHCN, even its much vaunted unbundling has not brought any succour to ordinary Nigerians… Its personnel are still the same old, crooked, cross-eyed bandits… They dutifully prepare outrageous bills every month for their customers whose only crime are being Nigerians whom they have kept in eternal darkness… How they arrive at such ungodly bills, I cannot say… How they keep a good conscience in collecting such bills for services not rendered, I cannot also say… May be, they are not Christians or Muslims or adherents of any known divinity that preaches justice and fair-handed dealings, those PHCN staff… This month, I was handed a bill of six thousand naira for the darkness they served me nearly throughout the month… Nothing has changed.

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